Linked Data LCSH & RAMEAU Now Link to Each Other: Implications for Legal Informatics

The Linked Data version of the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and the Linked Data version of the French-language RAMEAU subject headings now link to each other.

See, e.g., the link in the LCSH record for “subrogation” to the corresponding RAMEAU record, and the link in the corresponding RAMEAU record to the relevant LCSH record.

This is a promising development for legal informatics, for at least two reasons. First, since LCSH and RAMEAU both contain very extensive sets of legal subject terms, this new connection between LCSH and RAMEAU demonstrates how Linked Data can enable the creation of machine-readable relationships between sophisticated legal ontologies.

Second, since LCSH contains a sophisticated English-language legal ontology, and RAMEAU contains a sophisticated French-language legal ontology, the connection of the Linked Data versions of these ontologies offers legal informatics researchers rich opportunities to explore cross-language legal knowledge representation in a number of contexts, including legal artificial intelligence, information retrieval, text mining, text processing, and translation.

Click here for commentary about the relevance of the Linked Data version of LCSH for legal informatics, and click here for a list of law-related Linked Data resources.

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