Linking Open Data Ventures to economic policy

The reason the NYC strategy is so exciting and compelling is the clear vision they have for Economic Development.

At a time of such financial stress for every one and when the politicians seem to be struggling to find the answers, it’s heartening to see such a Gung Ho enthusiasm combined with real strategic vision and technical capability.

NYC is proposing development of key technology landmarks, like read/write API’s for government open data, and has attracted $6m in new Venture Capital for “Open Data Ventures“.

Additionally they’re also grounding the technology campaign with key involvement from the Center for Economic Transformation at NYCEDC, who operate a City network of eight incubators where they provide access to low-cost office space for new startups who have then raised more than $20m in venture funding and created over 500 new jobs.

In 2010 they launched the New York City Entrepreneurial Fund, which they then fertilize through running apps competitions and other ‘crowdsourcing’ feeds.

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