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Does your city have a CIO (Chief Innovation Officer)?

Recently we collaborated with the Smart Cities institute to conduct a worldwide telepresence seminar at the Cisco offices, discussing ‘Gigabit Cities’ – Open Government, Big Data and Innovation. Our partners Sandel and Associates have been working with Kansas City to develop economic development strategies, and one key initiative for the city has been a dealRead… Read more »

Microsoft Digital Government

With the upcoming OASIS conference being held at the Microsoft HQ in Washington DC, and my first session being focused on “Digital Government”, it’s helpful to showcase what their offering is. Cloud Connected Government Digital Government is the headline program recently announced by the new Whitehouse CIO, Steven VanRoekel. It describes a number of technicalRead… Read more »

Social Crowdfunding – Monetizing the Margins

Crowdfunding has become a very popular topic here in Canada, and for good reason, it’s really the key to unlocking their future, in a pretty seismic way. By this I mean the nation has a notorious ‘Innovation Gap’ and lament a lack of Venture Capital as the reason, but really what is missing is aRead… Read more »

MERX 2.0 – Open Government eProcurement

The principle theme of Cloud 2.0 is the business transformation required to progress through a “1.0 to 2.0” evolution. In the case of the public sector, this is ‘GovCloud 2.0‘ and means adoption of Open Government best practices, which we can illustrate through discussing a hypothetical scenario ‘MERX 2.0’. MERX is the main portal webRead… Read more »

GovCloud 2.0 – Building GC Docs in the Cloud

The Canadian Government recently announced the next steps in their Open Government initiative, plans to host a ‘GC Docs’ portal for Government records. President Obama declared a similar initiative last year, making ‘Managing Government Records’ a strategic priority for the Whitehouse. How both can be achieved through new ‘Cloud 2.0’ technologies is the focus ofRead… Read more »

Shared Services Canada – White paper update

Here is the next iteration of our white paper Shared Services Canada that is accompanying the webinar of the same name. Download Shared Services Canada – White paper This version of the paper introduces content from our partner Ni2, a Montreal-based IT firm specializing in best practices for Cloud Migration Management. N(i)2 Cloud Migration ManagementRead… Read more »