Live Blogging the 2011 Next Generation of Government Summit: Luncheon Keynote (Day 2)

1:20 p.m. We’re hearing abut EPA’s Emerging Leaders Network, and then we’ll be off for afternoon breakout sessions. Thank you to Jamie for a truly awesome presentation.

12:50 p.m. Our customer experience is characterized by:

1. Our 800-number on every page and staffing out call center 24 hours a day. We want to talk to our customers.

2. Free shipping and a 1-year return policy.

3. Surprise upgrades.

4. Excellent customer service. We’ll direct you to a competitor’s website if we don’t have what you’re looking for.

We have 3 C’s: clothing, customers and culture. Culture is out #1 priority.

Interviews are 50-percent culture-based. We do five weeks of training. We offer new employees $4K to quite their current jobs. Annual performance reviews are 100-percent culture-based. (We don’t tell you whether you’re doing a good job or not. We only talk to you about whether you’re living the Zappos culture.)

And we’re doing really well financially.

Branding: 1. Is it important to you? How high a priority will it be? Are you willing to commit resources to it? 2. What are your core values? What are your personal values, what are your company’s values, and do they align? 3. Be transparent! Be real, be yourself. Your culture is your brand. 4. Does your vision have meaning? Are you passionate about it? Think bigger! [We want to inspire employees, not just motivate them. How do you get your people to do what’s in the company’s best interest even when you’re not watching?] 5. We’re relationship builders. It’s not about networking or marketing. 6. Build the team. Hire slowly, fire quickly.

What’s your goal in life? To be happy.

Happiness framework #1: Perceived control, perceived progress, connectedness, vision/meaning (being a part of something bigger than yourself).

Happiness framework #2: Maslow’s hierarchy.

Happiness framework #3: Three types of happiness… 1. Momentary pleasure. 2. Passion. 3. Higher purpose.

It’s all about your higher purpose.

Join the movement at!

12:30 p.m. Today’s lunch-time keynoter is Jamie Naughton, Speaker of the House at Zappos. It’s called “Feeling Non-Essential? Tips from Zappos on Delivering Happiness at Work.”

Jamie: “I’m here today to talk to you about delivering happiness.”

What is delivering happiness? It all started with a book. As part of our CEO’s book tour, he decided to buy a buss and tour the country like a rock star. We did lectures, and at one point we took over NYC with bike messengers handing out t-shirts. We got involved with charities, and we met a bunch awesome people who needed some happiness in their lives.

This led to a “happiness movement.”

Our motto is ICEE: Inspire, connect, educate and experience.

Zappos CEO Tony had an epiphany when he realized he had hired really talented people he didn’t particularly enjoy spending time around. He decided to sell his company and start something new, based on the idea that you can scale culture.

We want to be a service company “who just happens to sell shoes, clothing, handbags,” etc.

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