Live on Gov2 TV with Steve Ressler of GovLoop about “you!”

I’m sitting at the desk in studio waiting for Steve Ressler, Founder and President of to come online via Skype….and now we’re live.

Steve and his family says he, and his family are “Public Service Junkies.”

GovLoop started off as a side project worked on in off hours at Starbucks and now has over 45,000 members and is the Facebook for public servants. I know this because I’m one of them. Not a public servant but a member.

Steve wrestled with how to “build the buzz and the resources?” His answer, tell a compelling story, be persistent, be passionate…great advice from Steve.

I know this post is a bit fragmented but I’m doing a live WebTV show, and bashing Jon Stewart’s general understanding of how government works…please cut me a bit of slack…:) We’re going to post this episode of Gov2 TV on and our YouTube channel. Steve said he’d embed it too so look for it here on GovLoop soon.

Thanks for being a great guest Steve and congratulations on all the success regarding GovLoop!

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