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Live on Gov2 TV with Steve Ressler of GovLoop about “you!”

I’m sitting at the desk in studio waiting for Steve Ressler, Founder and President of to come online via Skype….and now we’re live. Steve and his family says he, and his family are “Public Service Junkies.” GovLoop started off as a side project worked on in off hours at Starbucks and now has overRead… Read more »

Brazilian Project will use Social Media and e-Voting for popular participation

The i3G institute, locating in the city of Florianópolis – Brazil, which conducts research in e-Government, Artificial Intelligence and Ontology areas, has just approved a public international project, called “The Citizen and the e-Gov in Americas”, organized by the International Development and Research Centre (IDRC) and Inter-american Universitary Organization, both on Canada, with the collaborationRead… Read more »

Late Bloomers and The Evolution of “Social”

“…[W]e live in a society with peculiar expectations about the time course of success. We think that if a child isn’t blossoming as fast as the others in grade school, he or she will be hard pressed to eventually flourish.” Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D Candidate, Yale, Psychology Today, November 2008 The Social Evolution is inRead… Read more »

Citizen networks – what can we learn from the science of epigenetics?

Not all that long ago, the scientific community was justifiably ecstatic about having achieved mapping of the human genome – The Human Genome project. The promise was that by understanding genetic mapping we could find cures for disease, disability, and perhaps enhance longevity. But an interesting development has occurred. Scientists are now learning thatRead… Read more »

2010 Australian Federal Election

OK. It’s an election year in Australia this year. If everyone’s vision of Gov 2.0 were a reality right now, how would Australia’s election be conducted? What would the relationship between citizens, government and political parties look like? What advice would you give to our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard or opposition leader Tony Abbott onRead… Read more »

New DC CTO not so hot on apps contests?

Bryan Sivak, Washington DC’s new CTO, in an interview recently about the outcomes of their Apps for Democracy contests (paraphrasing): Applications spun up by these contests tend to be more “cool” than useful to the average city resident. Designed for devices that aren’t necessarily used by the large populations that might need to interact withRead… Read more »

Space is the Place – NASA on Gov 2.0 Radio

If you’re looking for a glimpse into how earthpeople and their governments are evolving, what better way then to check into NASA’s two April appearances on Gov 2.0 Radio. This month, we’ll go coast to coast with conversation with Beth Beck about NASA’s social media initiatives, and Gretchen Curtis on the space agency’s pioneering cloudRead… Read more »