Local forums to implement high-speed networks (broadband), proposal on Open Government Dialog

My own contribution to the request for ideas on the Open Government
Dialog site is:


Because it comes out poorly formatted on the site, I suggest you read
it here:


I’ll include a couple highlights here.

High-speed digital networking (also known as “broadband”) should
concern open government advocates in two ways.

First, one of the Administration’s major goals is to bring high-speed
networking to every resident of the country.

Second, this goal is fundamental to the other goals in the Memorandum
on Transparency and Open Government. Members of the public need
continuous access to the Internet and the ability to handle video and
sophisticated graphical displays in order to make full use of the
resources provided in open government efforts.

All networking is (on one level) local. Given the limited resources
available for any network deployment, and the trade-offs that must be
made during plans, decision-makers need to take into account local
demographics, geography, topology, social and economic priorities, and
existing facilities.

Local collaboration to promote network penetration can also build
bonds that support local communities in other ways. The global reach
of the Internet has long been stressed, but the role of digital
networks in connecting people within geographical communities and
improving their way of life may be even more important and is
beginning to be recognized.

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