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An exploration of Joel Gurin’s book Open Data Now

Readers may enjoy this article, which covers a few topics in government-released data: Topics include businesses and public groups as partners, the cost of collecting data, trusting the results of data crunching, and lessons from the open source software community.

Improving the accessibility of social media in government

A few simple precautions can make tweets and other short postings more readable by people using text-to-voice or other aids. Video and audio require more resources to make sure most people can have access to at least the text content.

Article on “Promoting Open Source Software in Government”

I recently posted an article that should interest people on GovLoop. It is a prepublication draft of an article that appears in an academic journal: A posting on my company’s site explains more: Andy

Report from Open Source convention health track, 2011

This track was a potent mix of tech talk and policy talk, including some candid discussions of the different views taken by different actors on the meaningful use requirements in ARRA, and a look at how much government policies can change a conservative industry.

Open source, health care, and regulatory compliance

Partly because of their connections to efforts by the Dept. of HHS, Ithought Govloop readers might be interested in three interviews byspeakers in the health care track at O’Reilly’s Open Source convention. Indivo X personal health record: an interview with Daniel Haas ofChildren’s Hospital (this may furnish a format for the exchange ofdata in theRead… Read more »

European Union starts project about economic effects of open government data

I interviewed the person doing this research project (Marco Fioretti, whom I’ve communicated with for a few years and who wrote a chapter for the O’Reilly book “Open Government”) and put up a summary on the O’Reilly web site: The project is just starting, but will try to provide data that researchers can useRead… Read more »