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LOLCat FAR Translation Project – Are You Interested?

Kathy Sierra’s recent talk on Creating Passionate Citizens at the Gov 2.0 Expo pointed out something hilarious — the LOLCat Bible Translation Project.

This talk was also brilliant because it pointed out:
When you connect something people are passionate about (LOLCat Speak) with something people aren’t passionate about (the Bible), the passion can transfer over to the thing people aren’t passionate about (LOLCat Bible Translation Project).

And as we know, when someone is passionate about something, they’re going to learn about it. Hence Trekkies and Star Wars geeks.
So why don’t we just do this with the Federal Acquisition Regulation? This can be a silly, fun way to learn the FAR.
If people express interest in this, I will use my own time and money to set up a wiki for this.
Are you interested? Leave a message below.

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