Look Before Leaping

At NextGen+, Mark Pine, the Deputy Director at the, Griffith Observatory just gave his speech on jumping sectors in your public career. He has held positions at NASA, JPL, the Private Sector, a Non-Profit (Astronomy), and currently City Government (Griffith Observatory). The Griffith Observatory is a free to the public museum/planetarium in Los Angeles. Mr. Pine credited his twisting career path to good fortune, preparation, and opportunity. “Don’t close yourself to a knock on the door from opportunity,” he quips as he dispels the old mentality that change has to be permanent.
Knowing yourself (i.e., “what do you HAVE to do, what you’re ABLE to do, and what you WANT to do”) is the key to preparing for a change in careers. For example, does a change in retirement benefits affect more people than you? Other important points include: being open minded, be flexible, have a mentor, take thoughtful risks (i.e., if you jump, jump with both feet), and learn from each jump.
Does changing careers frighten or excite you?

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