Looking for local govs with great websites that utilize Gov20 / Web20 / SocMed Technology

I’m working on my GovLoop Project of the Week for the first week of April. I’m looking for cool local government websites that utilize Gov20 / Web20 or Social Media technology to improve services, reduce costs, etc.

If you know of some great local gov websites, please post them to my profile or message them to me.

Thanks for your help!


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Bill Finnerty

We currently working on a Web 2.0 initiative at Cumberland County, PA. Although we do not have anything available publicly, yet, please let me know if there is anything else that I can contribute. We have released a survey to all County employees to help determine readiness and training needs. The raw data will be available the week of 3/23.

Greg Berry

Thanks, Bill. I’m over here in Montgomery County, PA. If you come across any cool local gov sites in the next week or so that appears to be using Gov20/Web20/SocMed, let me know. Thanks again for your help!

Gabriela Dow

Not sure if a state official counts for your research, but I finf the CA Governor’s site to be interesting:

He uses everything from buzzable to a live Q&A forum, has over 27,000 followers on twitter and links to the first lady’s site which is also very web 2.0 – enabled…

Let us know what sites you come up with, maybe you can rank the top 10 “coolest sites” 🙂

Greg Berry

Thank you Gabriela! I will certainly check it out. I may expand my project to also cover state and federal websites, if I can’t find enough local gov sites that are worthy 🙂


Lisa Nelson

I have not sure if you have looked at munigov.org but it has a wealth of best practice information that I think you will find helpful. MuniGov 2.0 is a coalition of federal/state/local/municipal and international governments focused on exploring the use and principles of Web 2.0 in an effort to improve citizen services and communication via technology. The site is wiki based and began a community of like-minded peers who have a common interest in the concepts of 2.0 as they could and do apply to local government.

Michael McGinn

non profit site my.greatcity.org. A few government employees have shown up and are participating as government employees in soliciting input, sharing information and promoting government programs.