Looking for the latest in Disruptive Technology Firms: Track RedHerring Top 100 North America Award

Red Herring America’s is a conference starting on Monday 21 May (here is the agenda). This is an invitation only event. But if you are not going there should be plenty of information flowing out of the conference, it is widely attended by IT thought leaders and will be covered by Red Herring, of course.

This event is important to track for many reasons. One is that this is a great way to track emerging firms that can have a significant positive impact on your enterprise. For example, we now know the list of firms that will be presenting at the event as part of the competition for the Top 100 North America Award.

Red Herring posted the list of presenters, and we have pasted them below. We note some fantastic firms are here, including companies we have reported extensively on like Cloudera.

Congrats to all nominees for this great recognition. We will be tracking you all and will add winners to our searchable directory of enterprise IT firms.

The following is from Red Herring at: http://www.redherring.com/red-herring-americas/americas-2012-presenting-companies/

Americas 2012 Presenting Companies

Over two days, the following companies will deliver a presentation as part of the competition for the Top 100 North America Award. The presentations are open to everyone. We encourage you to join the sessions, ask questions and get to know the technologies and CEOs that are changing the landscape. I am sure you will find interesting business or investment synergies. As importantly, the judging process involves an element of peer review. No one knows better than an entrepreneur the daily challenge of running and growing a business. Ask the “though” questions. The judges are listening.

Company Date Time Room Industry
10gen 22-May 2:15-2:30 C Computers/Software
2tor, Inc. 22-May 4:45-5:00 B Other
41st Parameter, Inc. 23-May 5:45-6:00 E Computers/Software
8thBridge, Inc. 23-May 6:15-6:30 A Computers/Software
Abine, Inc. 23-May 3:15-3:30 B Security
Accurence 23-May 3:00-3:15 C Software
Adap.tv 23-May 3:15-3:30 D Internet & Services
Adaptiva 22-May 3:00-3:15 A Computers/Software
AdSafe Media 23-May 2:45-3:00 B Marketing/Advertising/PR
Agilyx Corporation 23-May 5:15-5:30 B CleanTech
AlienVault Inc 22-May 4:30-4:45 A Computers/Software
Alpine Data Labs 23-May 5:15-5:30 D Computers/Software
Anvato Inc. 23-May 4:45-5:00 A Entertainment & Media
AnyPresence 22-May 3:15-3:30 B Mobile
Apex Assurance Group 23-May 2:45-3:00 D Computers/Software
Appcelerator 22-May 3:00-3:15 B Mobile
AppDynamics 23-May 4:00-4:15 C Software
AppFirst, Inc. 22-May 4:00-4:15 C Cloud Computing
Artisan Infrastructure 22-May 4:30-4:45 B Computers/Software
Assay Depot 23-May 1:45-2:00 E HealthCare/Pharmaceuticals
Attributor Corporation 23-May 5:00-5:15 C Cloud Computing
AutoClaims Direct 22-May 2:00-2:15 A Cloud Computing
Azzimov 22-May 4:15-4:30 C Social Network/Media
Backupify 22-May 2:45-3:00 B Cloud Computing
Beat the Traffic 22-May 4:15-4:30 D Software
BizSlate Inc. 22-May 2:30 -2:45 D Cloud Computing
BloomReach 23-May 2:30 -2:45 A Internet & Services
BrightTag 23-May 2:45-3:00 C Internet & Services
Broadway Technology 23-May 2:00-2:15 D Computers/Software
C3 Metrics 22-May 2:30 -2:45 A Marketing/Advertising/PR
ChaCha Search, Inc. 23-May 6:15-6:30 D Computers/Software
ClearSlide 23-May 4:00-4:15 D Communications
Clickatell 23-May 3:00-3:15 A Telecommunications
Clipboard, Inc. 23-May 2:00-2:15 E Internet & Services
Cloudera, Inc. 23-May 4:30-4:45 B Computers/Software
Content Raven 22-May 1:45-2:00 D Computers/Software
CrowdFlower 22-May 5:30-5:45 A Internet & Services
CVISION Technologies 22-May 2:15-2:30 D Software
DealerSocket 23-May 5:00-5:15 A Software
Dolly Drive 22-May 5:00-5:15 C Computers/Software
Doximity 23-May 4:45-5:00 D Social Network/Media
Easy Solutions, Inc 22-May 4:45-5:00 A Computers/Software
Ecospan, LLC 22-May 1:30-1:45 B CleanTech
Enlighted, Inc. 22-May 2:00-2:15 C Energy
Ensim Corporation 23-May 5:30-5:45 B Computers/Software
Everyone Counts, Inc. 22-May 3:15-3:30 D Cloud Computing
Exinda, Inc. 22-May 5:30-5:45 D Computers/Software
Extole 23-May 4:15-4:30 D Cloud Computing
Fishbowl 23-May 2:00-2:15 A Software
Fluidmesh Networks 23-May 5:15-5:30 C Computers/Software
ForeScout Technologies Inc. 23-May 2:15-2:30 B Computers/Software
Fusion Optix 23-May 3:00-3:15 E CleanTech
GageIn, Inc 22-May 1:45-2:00 A Cloud Computing
Gazaro 23-May 2:00-2:15 C Software
GENWI 23-May 3:00-3:15 B Mobile
Gigya 23-May 4:00-4:15 B Social Network/Media
Glaukos Corporation 23-May 6:15-6:30 B Life Sciences
Global Analytics 23-May 1:45-2:00 B Internet & Services
Global Village Concerns 23-May 4:15-4:30 A Internet & Services
GPS Insight 22-May 2:30 -2:45 C Software
GumGum, Inc 23-May 6:00-6:15 D Internet & Services
hCentive 23-May 5:00-5:15 D Computers/Software
HyperOffice 23-May 4:15-4:30 C Computers/Software
Infoaxe, Inc 22-May 3:30-3:45 D Computers/Software
Innotas 22-May 5:15-5:30 A Computers/Software
Integrate 22-May 3:30-3:45 A Marketing/Advertising/PR
InVisage 22-May 5:00-5:15 D Semiconductor
Jaspersoft 22-May 4:15-4:30 A Computers/Software
Jobmagic 23-May 1:30-1:45 A Social Network/Media
Kabbage, Inc. 22-May 2:15-2:30 B Finance/Banking/Brokerage
Liaison Technologies, Inc 22-May 5:30-5:45 C Computers/Software
LifeStreet Media 23-May 4:15-4:30 B Marketing/Advertising/PR
LightSail Energy 23-May 4:45-5:00 C Energy
Lilee Systems 22-May 3:15-3:30 A Mobile
LocAZu 22-May 5:45-6:00 B Social Network/Media
Madison Performance Group 22-May 5:45-6:00 D Other
MapR Technologies 23-May 6:00-6:15 B Computers/Software
Market Force 22-May 3:30-3:45 B Other
Mazooma Inc. 22-May 5:45-6:00 A Finance/Banking/Brokerage
MedAvante, Inc. 23-May 3:15-3:30 E HealthCare/Pharmaceuticals
Memoir Systems 22-May 2:30 -2:45 B Semiconductor
MetaFlows, Inc. 22-May 5:00-5:15 B Cloud Computing
MetraTech 22-May 3:15-3:30 C Computers/Software
Miso 22-May 1:45-2:00 B Entertainment & Media
mobileiron 22-May 2:00-2:15 D Computers/Software
Mobiquity Inc 23-May 1:45-2:00 C IT Consulting & Services
MyLife 23-May 1:30-1:45 D Internet & Services
NComputing 22-May 2:45-3:00 C Computers/Software
Nexsan 23-May 1:30-1:45 C Computers/Software
On Demand Therapeutics 23-May 1:30-1:45 B HealthCare/Pharmaceuticals
Ontraport 22-May 5:30-5:45 B Cloud Computing
Ooyala 23-May 3:30-3:45 B Entertainment & Media
Opscode 23-May 2:45-3:00 E Computers/Software
PageFreezer Software, Inc. 22-May 4:45-5:00 D Communications
Palantir Technologies 23-May 4:00-4:15 E Software
Panzura 23-May 3:30-3:45 A Computers/Software
Paper Battery Company 22-May 1:45-2:00 C CleanTech
PaySimple 22-May 4:00-4:15 A Computers/Software
Pelican Imaging Corporation 22-May 1:30-1:45 C Mobile
Ping Identity Corporation 23-May 5:30-5:45 A Computers/Software
PlayPhone 23-May 2:30 -2:45 D Mobile
Postcard on the run 22-May 3:00-3:15 C Mobile
PreClarity 23-May 4:30-4:45 D Computers/Software
Primus Power Corporation 23-May 1:45-2:00 D CleanTech
Prosper.com 23-May 5:00-5:15 E Finance/Banking/Brokerage
Puppet Labs 23-May 5:30-5:45 D Computers/Software
Pure Storage, Inc. 23-May 5:45-6:00 B Hardware
PureWave Networks, Inc. 22-May 2:00-2:15 B Telecommunications
PushToTest 22-May 5:45-6:00 D Computers/Software
QuantiSense Inc. 22-May 4:00-4:15 B Software
Radisphere 23-May 1:45-2:00 A HealthCare/Pharmaceuticals
Redpine Signals 22-May 1:30-1:45 D Semiconductor
RedSeal Networks 23-May 2:15-2:30 C Computers/Software
Retailigence Corporation 22-May 4:00-4:15 D Mobile
Retroficiency 23-May 5:30-5:45 E Energy
Return Path 23-May 4:45-5:00 E Computers/Software
Revionics, Inc. 23-May 5:00-5:15 B Cloud Computing
RightSignature LLC 23-May 5:15-5:30 E Cloud Computing
Rimini Street 22-May 5:00-5:15 A IT Consulting & Services
RingRevenue 22-May 2:15-2:30 A Software
SalesPortal 23-May 3:30-3:45 E Cloud Computing
Sanbolic, Inc. 23-May 6:15-6:30 E Computers/Software
ScaleXtreme 22-May 4:30-4:45 D Cloud Computing
Scality 23-May 2:45-3:00 A Software
ScienceLogic Inc. 22-May 4:45-5:00 C Software
SendGrid 23-May 4:30-4:45 A Computers/Software
ServiceMesh, Inc. 22-May 5:15-5:30 C Computers/Software
Silver Tail Systems 23-May 3:30-3:45 C Security
Skyfire 23-May 2:00-2:15 B Mobile
SoftLayer Technologies 23-May 2:15-2:30 E Internet & Services
SolidFire 23-May 5:30-5:45 D Computers/Software
Solver, Inc. 23-May 4:30-4:45 C Software
Sonatype 23-May 2:30 -2:45 C Computers/Software
Streetline, Inc. 22-May 2:45-3:00 A Software
Sumo Logic 23-May 4:45-5:00 B Computers/Software
Symplified 23-May 2:30 -2:45 E Security
Talenthouse Inc. 23-May 3:30-3:45 D Entertainment & Media
Taulia, Inc. 23-May 6:00-6:15 A Cloud Computing
TAZA Systems 23-May 3:15-3:30 C Software
Tecplot, Inc. 23-May 4:00-4:15 A Software
Tegile Systems, Inc. 22-May 2:45-3:00 D Computers/Software
TraceLink Inc. 23-May 2:15-2:30 A Cloud Computing
TrackVia 22-May 3:00-3:15 D Cloud Computing
Trilliant 22-May 3:30-3:45 C CleanTech
TrueSeal Holdings, Inc. 22-May 5:15-5:30 D Internet & Services
Turn 22-May 4:15-4:30 B Cloud Computing
UpWind Solutions, Inc 23-May 5:45-6:00 D Energy
US Liner Company 23-May 5:15-5:30 A Manufacturing
UsingMiles, Inc. 22-May 5:15-5:30 B Internet & Services
UsTrendy 23-May 3:00-3:15 D Entertainment & Media
VigLink 23-May 5:45-6:00 D Internet & Services
Vindicia, Inc. 23-May 2:30 -2:45 B Computers/Software
ViVOtech, Inc. 23-May 2:15-2:30 D Mobile
Vizu 23-May 1:30-1:45 E Marketing/Advertising/PR
VSS Monitoring 23-May 6:00-6:15 E Other
Wajam 22-May 1:30-1:45 A Internet & Services
WideOrbit 23-May 6:15-6:30 D Software
Zaarly 23-May 5:45-6:00 A Mobile
Zencoder 23-May 4:30-4:45 E Software
Zenoss, Inc. 23-May 6:00-6:15 D Software
ZiXi 23-May 4:15-4:30 E Internet & Services
Zmags 23-May 3:15-3:30 A Other
Zurple, Inc. 22-May 4:30-4:45 C Cloud Computing

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