LotusSphere 2011 is having a solid Open Government Track

I will be attending LotusSphere 2011 as one of IBM’s special guess bloggers, meaning it will not cost me anything to be there as IBM is covering the cost (getting that out-of-the-way). My primary interest in the conference, beyond continuing to learn more about progress with their Lotus Connections product, is the Open Government track at the IBM Social Business Industries Symposium running in conjunction with LotusSphere. While the session names are buzzword heavy I expect a lot of great content, which I will share with you throughout the conference. The sessions are:

  • Enabling Real-Time Citizen Services to Empower Quicker Decisions and Improve Citizen Satisfaction
  • Tapping into the “Collective”, How to Engage Community and Citizens
  • Creating Paradigm Shifts in Government through Collaboration and Social Networking
  • Driving Innovation and Operational Efficiency by Connecting Your Workforce
  • Five Crucial Steps Towards Building a Holistic Social Strategy

Yes, as I said, buzzword heavy. However, the sessions will focus on the complete picture, ranging from strategy to organizational re-alignment to citizen engagement, all critical components to open government success.

My question for you, what would you like me to focus upon, to ask the speakers and others in government attending the sessions? I will work to include your questions in the mix. If you plan on attending, let me know that as well, would love to meet in person.


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