Make a Statement – submit your photo for a network video!

NCDD is inviting all members to participate in a project that will be showcased at the NCDD Seattle conference next month.

The planning team would like to create a video comprised of photos submitted by our members that include a statement of how you describe your work in dialogue and deliberation — or why you feel passionate about your work. We have such a broad range of backgrounds, approaches, and perspectives amongst our members and in the field, so this is an opportunity to capture this diversity and passion and put it on display! The video will be used at the start of the conference and posted on the NCDD website following the conference.

How to get involved:

We are asking for submissions from NCDD members through October 1st. Take a picture of yourself holding a sign or next to one that expresses (briefly!) how you describe your D&D work or why you’re passionate about it. For example, your sign might say: ”I help build bridges across political divides” or “To give the voiceless a voice.”

Be creative about your sign — you can use paper, flip chart easels, iPads, or other tools. The photo should be bright and feature you clearly–we want to see all of your wonderful faces! The statement should be legible and in large enough text that it can be read from a distance.

You’ve probably seen a video like this before. The photo at the right is from the project 52 to 48 With Love, and gives you an example of what we’re looking for (though feel free to use fewer, bolder words, and make sure the photo is brighter than this one).

Please submit your photos to Courtney Breese, NCDD Seattle Conference Manager, at [email protected]. Send any questions you may have to Courtney, or add a comment below.

Thank you!

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