Making Mobile Gov: Design Phase

With your help, we’ve discovered the case for Mobile Gov and discussed ten challenges to agencies trying to use mobile technologies to achieve their missions and better serve the American public.

Our next step is to gather the smart minds of people in government, industry, nonprofits, academia and the general public to Design Mobile Gov.


Tell us!

Do you have ideas to help Make Mobile Gov? Is there something–policy, guidance, samples–that would help you? Is there a killer app that you’d like government to push?

Got a mobile experience? Tell us about it!

Got a solution? Share it with everyone!

Have a question? All you have to do is ask!

Weigh in with your ideas, experiences and opinions.

We are focusing on five areas.

  1. Policies: Tell us about policy gaps or ideas to support building mobile programs.
  2. Practices: What would jump-start your efforts? Templates? Standards? Examples? Can you share your templates, standards, business cases?
  3. Partnerships: With whom and how can we work together?
  4. Products: What are your ideas for apps, mobile sites, text programs, mash ups?
  5. Promotions: What are some great ways to spread the word?
  6. Do you have another category? You can add that, too.


From now until September 2, 2011, go to the dialogue page. You can review all the comments and suggestions. You can add a recommendation, refine a suggestion or vote an idea up or down.

Tell and encourage your colleagues and friends to participate using the sharing tools. And, come back to see what others are saying and vote on their ideas.

Then What?

Your recommendations will help build an open, dynamic toolset–on a public wiki–to help agencies create and implement citizen-centric mobile gov services.

What are you waiting for? Help shape the future of government.


Be sure to check out the Making Mobile Gov Project. Help us help agencies work together to make a more open, innovative government to meet 21st century citizen expectations.

**reposted from the Mobile Gov Blog from the Office of Citizen Services & Innovative Technologies at GSA**

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