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Making Nice on SN Sites

Anybody writing an etiquette guide for social media?Social Networking Guide I found this — thoughts?

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Mark Danielson

That was extremely helpful to me LP. A lot of that etiquette guide was news to me as I am very new to this. A lot has to do with practicing timeless golden rules. Thank you.

Steve Radick

Great guide – sad that it’s needed, but helpful nonetheless. We went through this same exercise before we deployed our own internal suite of social media tools. We were talking about policies, guidelines, etc., before we realized that we didn’t need specialized rules of engagement – this was an internal tool to be used only by people internal to our company. Everything was attributable to each person – act just as you would in real-life. Understand that everything you post is attributable back to you and is visible to the entire firm. As long as you get that, do with it as you please. Our internal platform has been a great venue for branding yourself as an expert, just like with the public Internet. Fortunately, it’s also a really easy place to brand yourself as an idiot. That’s the beauty of transparency.

Celia Mendive

Wow, this is a great guide…I find it quite fascinating how technology is facilitating this very productive exchange of ideas, etc. Thanks for sharing.

L P O'Neil

Steve, I agree with you completely. Still, courtesy and manners are learned skills. I recall writing articles about cell phone etiquette back when everybody shouted into their phones in trains and cafes. Dilbert’s guide to cube etiquette has its place too!