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IRAN’s BLOGGERS – Risks and Rewards

Iran’s Blogosphere and Grassroots Voices: Risks and Rewards of Engagement conference will examine the powerful effect of the new media and social networks in today’s Iran. It will also explore what opportunities may exist, even in the face of growing political tensions, for citizen diplomacy and people-to-people connections. Iran’s Blogosphere and Grassroots Voices: Risks andRead… Read more »

CFO Academy Executive Seminar on The Recovery Act: New Transparancy Environment

Paul Posner, Director of the Public Administration Program at George Mason Univ and President of the American Society of Public Administration discussed the management challenges of sending money (the stimulus funds) through the Federal to State and Local government grantinging channels. Lots of built in accountability problems requiring trust in the state or county stakeholders.Read… Read more »

Social Niceities of Social Networking

I heard about some spam or self-promotion going on in GovLoop migrating into Linked In and it flashed back to the high school cliques. Could there be a SN storm? Too much spread too thin to think about? New tributaries, groups, fora, discussion boards and threads ramp across our many communities and blogs. Do weRead… Read more »

H R Clinton Discusses New Media Tools::Town Hall @ State Dept

Transcript Feb 4, noonish, while audience tummies rumbled, Secretary of State Clinton spoke about using new media, social networking sites, emerging technolgies and collaborative processes at Department of State and throughout government.HR Clinton Town Hall Blog 2.4.2009 New York Times 2.5.2009 Two minutes of the hour + meeting became the entire focus of this article.