Making The Point

I was trying to get through M Street at New Hampshire and a bicyclist ran through a red light, running over several pedestrians.

He was a young yup going home from his policy job, and he started yelling at the pedestrians, the drivers, the air.
He was also stopping two roads with nothing but a bicycle and an attitude…at rush hour.
People started walking around him, shaking their heads. He figured if he yelled louder more would understand him, like his mommy. He was enjoying his moment.
There was a minute of silence as he inhaled and the man next to him said gently, “I ride a lot, and you’re giving us all a bad name.”
The traffic jam resolved in seconds. We’re all in this together despite what you’re told.

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Andrew Krzmarzick

How often does this happen in an office, metaphorically speaking? A “young yup” starts complaining vociferously and agitates a whole department…and folks start extrapolating that most young yups are like that. Not good. Good career tip. Your behavior impacts more than yourself. There’s always collateral damage.

Dick Davies

Or collateral benefit!

I’m amazed at how often I am just plugging along, doing something right, don’t see the benefit for months, then get an attaboy from the cosmos!

Like a comment from Andrew the K!

Thanks, Dad!