Malware Madness! Which virus wreaked the most havoc?

Bracketology is quickly emerging a new national pastime every March. We finally have a word to describe the hours upon hours devoted to determining the winner of the NCAA tournament. Is it Kentucky this year? What about Syracuse, North Carolina or Kansas?

Well, GCN is getting in on the madness and asking people to vote on a different type of tournament: the Malware Madness tournament. We’ve hand-picked 16 viruses and malware that wreaked havoc on government IT systems like VCU did to the whole nation’s brackets last year. We’ve got a couple match ups up for voting every couple of days, working toward a Worst Virus of All Time champion that we’ll crown at roughly the same time that the 2012 NCAA champion is cutting down the nets in New Orleans.

Who do you like to win it all? Did our selection committee unfairly snub any worms or viruses? Let us know!

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