March 14 PublicForum Webinar Focuses on Action Engagement

“All Talk, No

Conversations® to Create Action Engagement

A PublicForum

Monday, 14
March, 7-8pm Eastern (New York)


$15 USD for
Circle Club members

$20 USD for

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Can we have too many conversations or too much
public engagement?

Are we even asking the right questions and holding
the right conversations?

Public engagement professionals and citizens
alike often complain that they participate in endless meetings that lack

While there is arguably value in acknowledging people’s
perspectives and engaging all voices, what happens to trust when the only result
of conversation is another conversation?

Dialogue is a
foundational skill that can transform your conversations and give you the tools
to communicate with authenticity, respect, and trust. In this one-hour webinar,
you’ll gain exposure to dialogue and learn what it is, what it isn’t, and how it
can help you in your personal and professional life. Whether you wish to learn a
new skill to communicate with your teenager more productively, engage a group of
stakeholders around an initiative, or hold more effective public engagement
meetings, SMART Conversations® is a particular brand of dialogue that will bring
your effectiveness to a new level.

In this webinar, you’ll be introduced
to action dialogue and the Shared Interest Model™, a valuable
tool that provides a repeatable framework for facilitating effective dialogue to
explore a question or a problem. Using this tool, you’ll learn how to structure
a divergent conversation, focusing on the scope, significance, and possibilities
of given topic, and create a pool of interests leading to common ground and a
specific action plan.
If you could benefit from this practical approach to
dialogue, please join us for our March webinar.

Did you

SMART Conversations® is available in a web-based,
on-demand training format through PublicDecisions.
You can sign up and complete the self-paced
training module when it’s convenient for you. http://www.publicdecisions.com/description_smartconv.html””>Learn more.

About Our

Paul Weisman, SMART

Paul is a
trainer, coach, and management consultant with strong education and business
credentials. His signature training focus is SMART
, a workshop designed to significantly improve
relationships in organizations. Paul’s deep commitment to this work comes from
his experience helping organizations, teams, and individuals transform their

Paul is
also a Coaches Training Institute (CTI) certified coach. There, he learned the
formality of a relationship building and professional coaching model. The
combination of his SMART Conversations® certification and coach training have
elevated his mentorship skills to a new level. Paul helps his coaching clients
achieve success by helping them see what is getting in their way, creating new
strategies, learning new skills, and then moving forward.

professional engineer and business leader with two degrees in Civil Engineering
and more than 30 years of consulting engineering experience, Paul shifted his
focus from things to people in 1990 and hasn’t looked

Michele Simos, SMART Conversations® and

to helping clients reach their greatest potential as communicators, Michele
loves being in the classroom facilitating SMART Conversations® and conducting
business writing and presentation skills training. As a certified SMART
facilitator, Michele focuses on creating effective
interpersonal communication skills rooted in authenticity, respect and

holds an M.A. degree in Professional Writing and Publishing from Emerson College
and an undergraduate degree in Journalism/Public Relations. She is in the
process of writing a book on communications and is a frequent speaker at
corporate and professional conferences on the subject of

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