Marketing and social media — get over it!

You’d think after all this time that this stuff would have gone away…

I’ve worked in online comms and social media since before either of them had names. Articles like this bore me to tears; pundits who think their knowledge is the be all and end-all of marketing online as they spout about which “channel” will get you the best “ROI” and “measuring value”.

Forget about all of it in your business’s online presence!

Do good work. Be professional and over-deliver. Don’t constantly tweet rubbish or post low-value annoyances to Facebook and especially don’t fill people’s already over-full inboxes with more email; they’ll just delete it unread. Rather, build and be a real part of the community and connect to people for real, human reasons (with a little of the inanity tossed in to show there are real people behind the facade).

Frankly, if you have to work particularly hard to market your business at all, there’s too much competition and you’re under-performing.

Marketing and sales are probably the two least interesting, low value things you can use social tools for.

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