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A thousand nos for every yes — the essence of design

Apple’s keynote pre-roll from the 2013 WWDC. The language in this video speaks powerfully to the designer in me. If design isn’t to appeal to people’s hearts as well as their heads, if we’re not designing to make a difference in the world, and if we’re not designing to create something good, then what theRead… Read more »

GovCamp 2013 — Where and how does government innovation happen?

At GovCamp Australia 2013 this week, there were two identifiable two groups of people who presented and talked about the topics of inspiring government innovation, empowering people and liberating capability. There were the service designers who spoke about the specifics of design and presented case studies, and the managers, public servants and academics who talkedRead… Read more »

Core questions for service design

As a service designer, I’ve been involved in building the way a significant number of programs, products and tools hang together. And, as someone who works relatively often with government, where many agencies, policies, regulation and in the end, people, need to come together to make something happen, I’m usually called upon to deal withRead… Read more »

Open up and learn

I’ve just spent a week in Japan and Korea delivering workshops on design thinking to clients. I’ve been working alongside a new colleague who, in the short time we’ve worked together, has taught me a great deal about my presentation style, the way carry myself, and my inclination (at times to my detriment) to certainty.Read… Read more »

Change, wickedness, being connected and thinking different

I’m working with a group of students — undergrads and postgrads — at the University of Canberra, helping them imagine the future of a connected world. What are the social, political, cultural and work implications of a changing globe where being connected is becoming a part of who we are? It’s no easy task; asRead… Read more »

acidlabs launches New think­ing — New ideas - New learn­ing

acidlabs launches its New think­ing — New ideas — New learn­ing program to provide design thinking, service design, collaboration and online strategy training to Australian business and public sector professionals. Our initial offerings are Design to Think. Think to Design. and Social Strategy for Business (3 workshops) Original post

Why the tools are not the answer

I’ve worked with online communities in one form or another for most of the past 15 years. They’re a powerful thing. And, through the use of social media tools and social networks empowered by hyperconnectivity, they have the capacity to make a significant difference in the world. So, why are so many people (especially theRead… Read more »