May’s NCDD Confab to feature Group Works card deck

Confab bubble imageJoin us for next month’s NCDD “Confab Call” on Thursday, May 10th from 2:00 to 3:30 EST (register here). This month’s featured NCDDers are Tree Bresson and Sue Woerhlin, who will be talking with us about the innovative Group Works card deck and the collaboratively-developed pattern language it conveys — and of course sharing a variety of uses for the cards.

NCDD’s “Confab calls” are opportunities for members of the NCDD community to connect with each other, hear about exciting projects in our field, and explore our field’s most pressing challenges.

The Group Works deck consists of 91 full-color cards – as well as a five-panel explanatory categories card and a booklet explaining the purpose and history of the project and suggesting uses for the cards in group process work.

Each card depicts and describes a “pattern” – a factor that can help you make conversations, meetings and conferences more productive and full of life. It also directs you to other pattern cards related to the topic featured on the card you are holding. The patterns range from “Aesthetics of space” to “Yes, and…” They address everything from the purpose of a meeting to the relationships among the participants, from emotion to accomplishment, from creativity and spirit to courage and learning. See a longer intro to the cards here.

Register for May’s Confab call today, at, to receive the call-in details.

We’ll save the last 15 minutes of our time on the call together to hear from NCDD members who have announcements to share that are of interest to their colleagues. Let us know on the registration form what you might want to share, so we can determine who to call on at the end of the call. Announcements about upcoming events, job or funding opportunities, facilitation gigs, new and interesting programs… it’s all good!

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