What in the World am I Doing? — Part 2 of the Career Framework

While working in a job, it can seem like there is no clear path to the next one. As part of finding happiness and balance in our work lives, it is important to understand not only the job you are in, but also the one you want to have and the skills it takes to do that job.

This week in our regular Frank’s Career Corner segment Chris Dorobek and I discuss Dory Hollander’s “Doom Loop System” and using a capstone to help you reach your goals.

What in the World am I Doing? — Part 2 of the Career Framework by cdorobek

Has anyone started to read “Do What You Are?” or taken a Myers-Briggs test? Maybe you discovered something about yourself you never before realized? I’d love to hear how your journey is progressing and am happy to answer any questions you may have about your own situation or about any of the reading you are doing.

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Will be taking your questions on career development and discussing and answering them. Your questions can range from the broad to the personal and can have your name attached or also be anonymous.

Leave your questions on the thread below. If you’d like your questions to be anonymous please send [email protected] an e-mail with your question, subject line Frank’s Career Corner.

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Frank DiGiammarino

Hi Melinda – thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, we do not have a transcript. However, the entire framework will be available as a PDF on GovLoop pretty soon. Hopefully within the next 4 weeks. Look for an announcement within the Career Community. Thanks!