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Meeting Tips RadioI just added a great interview to the NCDD resource center with past IAF chair Mirja Hanson and, while doing so, had a chance to learn about an excellent new audio podcast that features topics on all forms of meeting facilitation.

Meeting Tips Radio describes itself as a ”resource for anyone who runs meetings including: meeting facilitators, corporate executives, non-profit executives, managers, CIOs, business managers, IT managers, project managers, business analysts and strategic planners. Collaborative facilitation, face-to face facilitation, and virtual facilitation methods are discussed. Special guests include the best facilitators in the world from the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) and the International Association of Facilitators.”

Two recent podcasts caught my attention: the Mirja Hanson interview mentioned above and a recent talk with ToP Trainers Network’s Catherine Tornbom focused on conflict resolution and “virtual” facilitation. Host Reine Kassulker engages in one-on-one interviews, gathering advice on best practices and encouraging stories from his guests’ facilitation work.

You can listen to or download the shows on the Meeting Tips Radio website. If you have an iOS device, the shows are now available through iTunes.

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