Memorial Day

Hope everybody gets to enjoy a day to reflect on all of the sacrifices that were made…. so that we can all have opinions, and facebook, and criticize our leaders, and trash-talk politics, and get a free education, and start up our own businesses, and run our households as we see fit, and do everything we can with our “freedoms”…. we can even participate in a cool thing like GovLoop! Sure, no one Nation is perfect…. but we have the freedom to be imperfect in our very own ways, thanks to our great forefathers! This Memorial Day, indeed, let us remember….

(I highly recommed the mini-series “John Adams” produced in part by Tom Hanks…. awesome depiction of “history” in all its true and human glory; with great respect for all that was given by real people, to make our Nation free…)

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Alice M. Fisher

I send a personal Thank you!
And, I have spent considerable time culling together a blog for this memorial day weekend.

There is only one U.S. W.W.I veteran still alive right now.
That is it. In 2007 there were only 4. After that, a passing of time, gone forever and
I do not want us to forget them.

The focus of my single simple blog is many.
But, ultimately it boils down to the value of hand written letters to and from soldiers
and the mail. No, not email but regular old fashioned postal mail sent with a stamp and envelope.

Memorial Day: 91 Years & A Few Trunks Later http://edithfaulstich.blogspot.com

I hope you enjoy my well intended efforts and forgive my typos while trying to keep a
postal historian’s work alive and some of our own history alive.

The work will continue to evolve, as I am able and as I have the time.
I must load the images next from the 1963 article I mention next.
I have them, I just gotta do it.

Please write a letter from home to a soldier.
And, If you get one from a soldier save it, you are holding history in your hands.

Ed Albetski

Very true. The most moving piece of the eulogy my son gave at my dad’s funeral service came when he quoted from a letter written to my father from the mother of one of the men who served under him. It was one of many my dad had kept.

The D-Day Museum in New Orleans has a special section dedicated to letters and diaries of our military personnel and is working to preserve this history.

Alice M. Fisher

@Ed thanks for sharing about a letter written and then later read.

I did not know there was a D-Day Museum in New Orleans.
If I ever return back there I will be sure to look it up. I think I will make mention of it in the blog I have
started. Do you know if there is a web site for it as well?

Al Fullbright

Its sad to have outlived them all and reflect upon who they really were. You would think that having watched them in life and known them so long that there would a feeling of fufillment rather than the emptiness that survived them. Thank God they answered the call and perhaps the fufillment will come when the rest come home. There must be a time for peace just as there has been a time for war.