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Did We Forget Why We Are Here?

Freedom – that is why we are here, is it not?! How did our great nation begin…. somewhere in there, was a quest, a yearning, for freedom. Freedom from what? Freedom from any large entity dictating to us – telling us how we must live our lives, no taxation without representation, of speech, life, libertyRead… Read more »

Social Media Works When Combined with Awesome Attitude

This interview with Deloitte Australia’s CEO highlights the best use of social media – collaboration, communication, “flattening” the organization. I find it truly incredible how this CEO and company are able to do better for their customers and each other using social media (Yammer). Granted, every company and agency and culture is different/has it’s ownRead… Read more »

Peaceful Progress to Protect Rights Pomegranate Party?

I want to form my own party – Peaceful Progress to Protect Rights… I was hoping to creatively think of a drink, like Tea or Coffee, but that starts with a P… maybe the Pomegranate juice Party? OK, maybe not… My point is – I am appalled at the government legislative actions as of late:Read… Read more »

To Serve the Dream of MLK

If I did my math right, Martin Luther King Jr. was 39 when he was killed – about the same age as me. In the roughly last decade of his life, he traveled a zilliion miles, presented his message of peaceful advocacy at over 2,500 speaking engagements, wrote 5 books and myraid articles, PLUS, heRead… Read more »

Why Does Anybody Play Chess?!!

So there’s this little chess gadget, wherein a user can play a computer opponent… I have probably played a thousand times on the “easy” level and I have won exactly one time. And yet, I keep trying…. In frustration I rhetorically blustered “Why on earth does anybody play this game?!!!” Really, sometimes the computer beatsRead… Read more »