Mentoring for the Digital Age

People at all levels in government can benefit from mentoring in order to facilitate knowledge transfer, succession planning and career development. With the organization I chair, the Future Leaders of Ontario (@FutureLeadersON), a young professionals network for federal public servants working in Ontario, Canada, we’ve focused a great deal of effort to develop a video series where we could have government leaders at all levels share their insights with young professionals and really with all public servants at all levels of government worldwide.

We call this initiative Minute Mentoring. It grew from an idea into reality and did so with very few resources and a lot of dedication and perseverance. We launched this series in June 2015, and now have 6 segments online, with another 6 segments currently in the editing queue, and others being filmed over the coming weeks.

Our filming kit is very simple: an iPad, an iPad stand, and an external microphone. This kit can be packed up into a backpack and easily taken anywhere. We’ve filmed video segments indoors, outdoors, at events, and in offices. This has given us the flexibility to create content anywhere at anytime. We recently setup a team with a filming kit in Ottawa, Canada’s capital and have collaborated virtually to have our Ottawa setup and film speakers and upload these videos to Dropbox, where our video editor in Toronto can put edit and finalize these videos.

I’d encourage all young professionals across all levels of government to leverage the power of video to get their message across and to have leaders at all levels share their insights and advice. This can be an incredibly powerful tool! When you encounter an inspiring leader, wouldn’t it be beneficial to have them share their insights not just with you, but with thousands of potential viewers across the world?

Check out our playlist on YouTube at the link below, including our video ‘What is Minute Mentoring?’ and our 6 Minute Mentoring videos:



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