Miami-Dade County introduces the Children’s Health Education and Economic Resource

Deltek Analyst Aila Altman reports.

Teachers, school nurses and medical professionals in Miami-Dade County, the fourth largest school district in the nation, will soon be able to access comprehensive student records that include not only health information, but education and social services data as well. Through collaboration with Microsoft, The Children’s Trust, Health Choice Network and Ready Schools Miami, the county is introducing the Children’s Health Education and Economic Resource (CHEER).

CHEER integrates health, academic performance, and social services data to provide academic professionals, school nurses, and outside medical professionals with more comprehensive student records. The county hopes that linking such data will allow academic and medical professionals to make connections between health, academic and social issues such as absenteeism, behavioral problems, and poor academic performance. Access to such information by medical professionals will assist in determining appropriate short- and long-term treatment plans. For example, a doctor evaluating a child for behavioral issues can instantly look into the child’s past and current academic performance, use it in his or her assessment of the issue, and appropriate treatment options. Prior to CHEER, sharing health and academic information between teachers and medical professionals was often difficult.

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