Michigan’s 2014 Budget: Finally Back on Track and Looking Up

Deltek Analyst Emily Magurne reports.

The aftermath of the economic recession damaged states’ spending power over the past few years, and Michigan has been no different. After accumulating a $1.5 billion deficit, tough decisions had to be made to improve the state’s economic stability. Education took a hit, and projects to improve infrastructure had to be put on hold. After two budgets of slashed funds and paying off debts, Michigan is in much better fiscal standing and is ready to give back to its most important programs. Michigan Budget Director John Nixon explains, “The good news is we are no longer in crisis management…We were able to develop this budget focused on making strategic investments in our future because we are now on solid financial footing.” While things are looking up on the fiscal front, there is a continued determination to maintain a rainy-day fund to cushion the possible blow of future economic crises. Overall, Governor Rick Snyder’s recommended fiscal year 2013-2014 budget is promising, not only for Michigan citizens, but for vendors looking to do business with the state as well.

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