Mike’s Binder of Credentials for City Council

You are invited to visit Mayor Dick Moore’s Campaign Headquarters, 411 S. Main in Elkhart, to view my binder of credentials on display. It serves as somewhat of a resume presenting photo-copies of my formal credentials relevant to being elected and serving as Councilman for Elkhart City’s 2nd District.

On display are…

A. My recently accomplished ” Graduate Certificate in Public Management” from Indiana University at South Bend, May 10, 2011.

Always serious about efficiency and effectiveness in government, I found the coursework for this program to be useful toward sharpening my understanding and personal application of skill in municipal policy. Courses taken include Public Fianance and Budgeting, taught by the former city controller for South Bend, Catherine Fanello… Program Evaluation, which deals with how to construct a public program such that it is measurable and accountable to audit and policy… and Personnel management, important anytime you would have influence over employment issues. Other courses covered Public Policy, statistics and public management in general.

B. My Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Indiana University South Bend, May 7, 1985.

I was born into a working class family that always struggled to pay the bills. Upon graduating from high school, my grandparents, who raised me, did not have the funds to provide for me to go to college. Through my life’s journey, I married and raised a son. During this time I worked to schedule classes, save money, sit in at class-time and complete homework. I was the first in my family to complete college. Tough as it was, I found it to be well worth the effort as it opens new opportunities, and improves one’s own analytical perspectives.

I know there are many who would set out for college but are hindered by lack of funds or previous commitments to family or work. I understand, first hand, the struggle to move ahead in life.

C. Letter of Appointment to Elkhart City Board of Zoning Appeals, January 2008, signed by Mayor Dick Moore.

I was honored to be asked to serve on the Board of Zoning Appeals. As a student of real property, and how it is used, I always learn some new aspect as the Board deals with new requests for variances from city ordinance. Some requests are straightforward requiring little more than a hearing of information. Other requests present more complicated issues and perspectives compelling richer discussion. I am pleased to serve as Chair for this important quasi-judicial board.

D. Real Estate Sales License.

Yes, I am a student of real property. In 2005 I decided to take the Indiana Real Estate Sales class. This course teaches about legal aspects of property, ownership, transfers, sales representation, agency, and many other topics sure to consume your time and brain if ever you are interested in taking the class.

Having taken and passed the class, I took the test and passed. Unfortunately, it was about that time when the housing market fell into serious trouble. It became obvious to me that it was unrealistic to expect a new-comer like me to be profitable in the business. My license has subsequently expired. But I retain the knowledge gained from the coursework. Again, I understand how it happens that you may work hard to accomplish some goal, but so may necessary conditions just won’t cooperate.

E. Certified Lay Speaker in the United Methodist Church.

It is important for Council members to be engaged in their communities. The designation “Certified Lay Speaker” refers to a person who has taken classes in church lay leadership that equip that person for service in his or her own church and other United Methodist churches. I enjoy being able to share a message from time to time in my own church when the pastor is on vacation. I have also preached at Lydick in South Bend, New Paris, Milford, Dunlap, and Monson in South Bend.

Part of our call is to serve our communities. I am happy to be involved in a church, St. Paul’s in Elkhart, that takes seriously the call to service. St. Paul’s has, for many years, operated the Clothes Closet. This is a service that provides clothing to those in need. Of course one must be referred by a recognized agency, but if you have any questions, you may call the church at 574-293-0482.

F. Citizen’s Academy

The Elkhart Police Department periodically offers a Citizen’s Academy designed to inform citizens of the various tasks and responsibilities of the police force. It is not a course for those interested in becoming law enforcement officials. But it is a very well done presentation of many of the responsibilities of the force. They cover k-9 unit, Special Response Team (swat), a tour of the communications building, and other aspects. My class met for ten consecutive Wednesdays from 6:30pm-9:00pm

Much was learned and new respects gained for these brave people who protect our streets, our property and our citizens.

I encourage others to register for this class the next time it is offered.

Please drop by the headquarters and view my binder of credentials. I enjoy meeting people.

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