Mission Focused Defense Intelligence WorldWide Conference: 8-10 April 2013 in Baltimore MD


diabadgeThe Department of Defense’s most elegant missions require advanced technologies exquisitely operated by highly trained professionals. This is especially true of intelligence missions, where complex situations involving threats to the nation must be assessed and acted upon quickly.

One of the critically important mechanisms used by planners in DoD intelligence to collaborate and coordinate with each other and with extended mission partners (including industry) is the Defense Intelligence Worldwide Conference, which will be held 8-10 April in Baltimore MD. This conference, which evolved from the previous DoDIIS conference, will provide attendees with an opportunity to hear from DoD intelligence leadership first hand. It will also provide great opportunities to learn of technology needs and through visits to the technology expo will enable a fantastic exposure to state of the art capabilities.

Here is more from the conference website:

This year’s conference has moved beyond its focus on the business of IT, specifically DoDIIS, to a more collective look at how IT is moving the mission forward and equipping the community with the tools needed to handle the most complex of intelligence challenges.

As an agency providing all-source intelligence analysis, DIA will be integrating all mission services into the conference, allowing for a more comprehensive look at how DIA succeeds. This is a time of extraordinarily rapid change and drive toward integration.

DIA is currently building an expansive agenda to help achieve these goals. Please check back periodically for an updated agenda and speaker listing.

Tentative breakout topics include:

  • Analysis

  • Collection and Counterintelligence

  • Combatant Commands

  • IC Partners

  • Information Technology/IC ITE

  • Strategy/VISION 2020

  • Technical Collection/MASINT

  • Training Seminars

I hope to see you there. For more info and to register visit: http://www.ncsi.com/dia/2013/

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