MITA maturity levels in states

Deltek Analyst Kate Tussey reports.

At the end of November, I wrote a blog and an analyst perspective (log-in required) about the draft Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) 3.0 document that has been released for comment. A large part of MITA rests on the State Self-Assessment (MITA SS-A), which is used to determine a state’s current business capabilities. The MITA Maturity Model (MMM) is utilized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to show how business capabilities can evolve.

The MITA SS-A section has been expanded in 3.0 and now includes seven standards and conditions. These conditions must be adhered to by the states within 12 months of MITA 3.0 final release in order for Medicaid technology investments to be eligible for enhanced federal-matched funds. The 3.0 MMM is as follows:

  • Level 1: All technology, policy, statutory enablers exist and are widely used. Agency complies with baseline requirements.
  • Level 2: All technology, policy, and statutory enablers exist and are widely used. Agency improves important parts of its business.
  • Level 3: Industry standards are widely used. Agency promotes collaboration, data sharing, interoperability, and consolidation of business processes.
  • Levels 4 and 5: Leverage and reuse of technologies is widely used. Seamless coordination and integration with state and federal exchanges. Data exchange is real-time.

For the complete blog, go here.

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