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Mobile Changes the Way People Interact With Media

It’s sometimes hard for us to see how mobile devices are having an impact. The idea that young people are giving up telephone landlines (why pay for more than one phone?) or that teens prefer texting to talking is hard for many government leaders to understand.

Now enter the newest members of our society.

Even though you need to tilt your head to watch, it’s clear that the baby expects to interact with a magazine the same way that she interacts with the tablet. To her, the magazine is broken, or at least a dud.

We’ve also heard many stories about how toddlers walk up to TVs and swipe their hands across them. They expect that all screens react to their touch.

As agencies are looking into using different types of devices, it’s critical to get beyond our own experiences and expectations. The next generations will be wired much differently than many of us, and we will need to figure out how to meet their needs and expectations.

Let us know how you are thinking about this in the comments.

**reposted from the Mobile Gov Blog from the Office of Citizen Services & Innovative Technologies at GSA**

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