Moore on Researching U.S. State Legislation

David Moore of the Participatory Politics Foundation (PPF) — and a member of our community — has posted Researching U.S. State Legislation, on the VoxPopuLII blog, published by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School.

In this post, Mr. Moore discusses, a new, free, open, citizen engagement and transparency service for U.S. state legislation. The service currently provides legislative data for California, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, and Wisconsin. is a joint project of PPF and the Sunlight Foundation.

The post describes the motivations for launching to increase the transparency respecting current state legislation, to increase public participation in state legislative processes, and to reduce the influence of special interests.

Mr. Moore also describes the open source technology that powers, and the place of the service in the larger open government data ecosystem. Mr. Moore invites interested developers to participate in further development of

This post should be of interest to the transparency community, the e-participation community, the democratic deliberation community, the open government data community, the e-government community, and citizens who want to participate more fully in state government, as well as to developers of legislative information systems.

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