Research and Best Practices eNewsletter 01/02/2011

From Data to Decisions (11/30/2011) – The Partnership for Public Service and IBM’s Public Sector Business Analytics and Optimization Practice examined seven programs using analyticsin eight agencies including the Coast Guard, Navy, and Social Security. The report notes common practices of successful efforts, such as leadership commitment, staff having a clear line of sight, and agencies investing in technology, tools, and talent.

Canada’s Social Media Guidelines (11/2011) – Canada released new Guidelines for External use of Web 2.0. They include regulations for profile pictures, posting topics, and protocol on how each employee should respond to user requests.

Predictions for IT Organizations (12/01/2011) – Gartner, Inc. has revealed its top predictions for IT organizations and users for 2012 and beyond. Among the findings, one claims that at least 50% of email users will bypass a desktop for a tablet or mobile by 2016.

Best Practices
Increase Your Facebook Traffic (11/28/2011) – Social video platform Jun Group’s infographic shows emerging trends and usage patterns in social video. Some of the most interesting findings reveal funny videos are three times more likely to increase Facebook traffic and 15 second videos provide the best click-through rates.

Inspiring Solutions (11/29/2011) – Why is there no Amazon, Yelp, Zipcar or Craigslist for government? Govtech looks at seven websites that government could model to solve core mission problems.

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