Motivation during the financial crisis

IMO brings significant issues to the table….

From Forbes Bloger: Lisa Quast

Motivating people: Getting beyond money

What I found interesting about the McKinsey survey is it showed that three non-cash motivators are “no less or even more effective motivators than the three highest-rated financial incentives”:

* Praise from immediate managers
* Leadership attention (such as one-on-one conversations)
* A chance to lead projects or task forces

What this means for managers:

* Be sure you are interacting regularly with your employees and calling attention to outstanding work.
* Find ways to show top talent that they are important to the company, such as focus groups, one-on-one meetings with senior leadership, or even mentoring programs to promote development.
* Provide opportunities for high potential talent to continue learning, growing, and developing their skills, such as by leading cross-functional projects.

What this means for employees:

* If you like where you work and don’t want to leave, then find creative ways to stay happy and motivated at work.
* Volunteer to lead a new project or to mentor a younger worker.
* Work with your manager and Human Resources to determine cost effective ways to continue developing your skills so you can add even more value to the company.

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