Muhlberger dg.o 2010 Panel on Information Technology and Public Deliberation

Professor Peter Muhlberger of the Texas Tech University Center of Communications Research has organized a panel entitled Information Technology and Public Deliberation: Research on Improving Public Input into Government, to be held at dg.o 2010: The 11th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research, to be held 17-20 May 2010 in Puebla, Mexico.

The panelists include:

Here is the abstract:

We propose a panel to examine research programs on the uses of information technology (IT) tools with public deliberation to enhance the value of public input into government. “Wicked” planning problems and intractable policy issues require novel solutions. Better public input can contribute to resolving such difficult issues. IT and deliberation have both been promoted as means of improving public input on difficult issues. These methods may help the public better understand the issues, motivate their involvement, develop better ideas for addressing the issues, and enhance the legitimacy of eventual policy decisions. A number of researchers are examining whether deliberation and IT in combination can be especially helpful. The panel will examine several such efforts and their research questions, methods, experiences, and results. The panel should help build synergies between research groups, disseminate novel approaches, and raise awareness of the strengths and potential pitfalls of research in this area.

For more information about the panel, please contact Professor Muhlberger.

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Rob Richards

Mr. Huynh: Thank you for your comment. I’m afraid I don’t entirely understand your comment. Three different projects and approaches are referred to in the description of the panelists’ topics. To which of these is what you are interested in “similar”?
–Robert Richards