DAU has Browseable, *Non*-Credit Courses and Modules

Wow. It’s been a journey. Missteps and corrections are everywhere. It’s been a minefield. Finally though, it’s been clarified…

DAU has browseable, *non*-credit material for future acquisition professionals.

This is the material that future acquisition professionals need. While you don’t get credit unless you’re an Acquisition, Technology & Logistics (AT&L) Workforce Member, the material is high-quality and free. I’ll be recommending the distance learning courses and continuous learning modules to many, many people.

Below are the links to distance learning courses and continuous learning modules.

  • Browse Distance Learning Courses: These are the primary courses that new AT&L Workforce Members study to get their DAWIA Certificates. Remember, unless you’re in the AT&L Workforce, you actually won’t receive credit for these courses. Still, they are handy for aspiring professionals to go through.
  • Browse Continuous Learning Modules: These are what the AT&L Workforce goes through in particular once the certification courses are complete. They are handy refreshers. Again, unless you’re an AT&L Workforce Member, you don’t get credit for this material.

And so, free learning material is available to the aspiring acquisition professional…even if they don’t get credit toward DAWIA Certification. It’s a step in the right direction.

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Amanda Blount

Hey, some colleges will give credit for some classes. It all depends on the college. Knowledge is never a waste.