Muni buses to get security upgrade

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (CA) plans to upgrade security cameras on 358 buses to improve reliability and to add new features like real-time monitoring. Many of Muni’s existing surveillance cameras are over 10 years old and difficult to maintain. “What we currently have is very staff intensive,” said spokeswoman Kristen Holland. “There are no alerts or notifications that something is wrong, so you have to go to the camera, open the box and check it out.” Muni will pay for the $6.5 million update with a combination of federal and state transit security grants. The agency would like to install updated cameras throughout its system, but it faces some constraints. “The cable cars can’t have them because they are national historic landmarks,” Holland said. “And the street cars on Market Street have power issues, so those aren’t part of what we are talking about.” Link to full story in Government Technology.

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