Municipality of Fortaleza performs session with international participation through the virtual network

I have written several posts about technological innovations implemented in the Municipality of Fortaleza and eventually became routine in this legislative house. Since the 90s we have the opportunity to implement ideas always looking to bring the government to the citizen.

On June 20 (Monday) with the permission of President Walter Cavalcante at the request of Councillor Deodato Ramalho could conduct a videoconference using the tool Google Hangout, I decided to talk a bit about the event and its importance.

The House paid homage to Brazilian soldiers of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB), the Victory Day, celebrated on May 8. The celebration recalls the day that Allied forces defeated the Axis countries (Germany, Italy and Japan), marking the end of World War 2.

Technology today allows anyone to connect your computer and talk to people around the world, so why not put the Italy watching and interacting in a plenary session on a world event that happened in Fortaleza? How could we do this project? which departments that would be involved to get the desired result? which the cost of power for the legislature?

answering the questions:

How could we do this project?

The House now has a good internet speed, a link of 50 Mbps Download and Upload to suit everyone. So internet speed would not be a problem. We would need to decide which software (computer program) and decided to use Google Hangout.

The decision was based on we do not need to install anything on any computer and simply would have to ask the participants to have a Google account. It worked and the week before the event we conducted 02 tests with participants from Italy.

which departments that would be involved to get the desired result?

It would require the authorities of Italy accompany what was happening in real time in the House, and all persons present at the plenary of the house they could see and interact with the Italian authorities.

So we started to build a true technological infrastructure for the event.

1 The Fortress Tv broadcast the event live, which was key so we could capture and transmit video and audio session to Italy through the hangout. Put a computer in the room TV and put the TV Fortaleza as a user Hangout, so our guests in Italy attending the event inside the hangout. our friend Flavio was operating the equipment in the tv room.

2nd put a notebook in room house sound participating hangout, our friend Vadilson could then capture the sound and send it to everyone on the floor. The sound is captured directly in plenary caused an echo international conference impossible.

3rd place a notebook inside the plenary and our friend Jessica controlled the images seen by everyone in Score Electronic House. In another notebook on the floor our friend Adriano did the necessary translations.

Were then acting Coordinator of the Data Information (Information Technology), the Communications Coordination, under the command of our friend David, a TV and Radio Fortaleza Fortaleza, beyond Ceremonial who was instrumental in organizing the event.

which the cost of power for the legislature?

financially no.

Was then opened another door technology for Democracy.

Thanks to all the teams that made it this innovation possible.

Francisco Cavalcante

Coordination of Data Information

Municipality of Fortaleza

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