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Municipality of Fortaleza performs session with international participation through the virtual network

I have written several posts about technological innovations implemented in the Municipality of Fortaleza and eventually became routine in this legislative house. Since the 90s we have the opportunity to implement ideas always looking to bring the government to the citizen. On June 20 (Monday) with the permission of President Walter Cavalcante at the requestRead… Read more »

The Insight technology

In a week of hard work at the Center for Information Technology, a fact that slipped my attention. I then decided to write this post to mark what I called the technology acumen. Since 1997, we implemented the legislative branch in Fortaleza, streaming audio and video of plenary sessions over the Internet, and even workingRead… Read more »

Writing the recipe for cake !

Objective: Plan the city that we want until the year 2020;Initiative: Legislative Hall of Fortaleza;Title of Project: Pact For Fortaleza; Project Details:“The Covenant By Fortress is an initiative of the Legislative Hall of Fortalezainviting civil society organizations and municipal governments, stateand federal, to discuss the challenges of our city by the year 2020. “ “DebatingRead… Read more »

The Lack of Specialized Professionals in Technology of the Information in the World.

The Computer is an Intelligent Donkey ! With this definition we will approach one of the principal problems for the progress of the Technology of the Information in the current days. For being one it conspires that it simply assists to programming commands, they become necessary Analysts, Programmers and an entire range of professionals thatRead… Read more »

City hall of Fortaleza and the Virtual Community of the Legislative – Interlegis

The Indication as finalist in IT Leaders 2009 of Computerworld of Brazil, was prominence these days in the Virtual Community of the Legislative. Interlegis is a program developed by the Federal Senate, in partnership with the Interamerican Bank of Development (BID), of modernization and integration of the Legislative Power in your levels federal, stateRead… Read more »

The Technology of the Information is taking the Legislative Power of Fortaleza the Clouds.

A sentence that can be interpreted as game for a lay one in computation, represents the most important process and innovator adopted in the Legislative of Fortaleza. Algorithm of the process of Computer science Without the Cloud: 1. Analyze from the task to be executed by the Computer; 2. Development of the Program of ComputerRead… Read more »