Muslim reaction to Bin Laden

The Islamic world’s reaction to Bin Laden’s death has been mixed accurately reflecting a Kew Poll several years ago (2009) that measured the attitudes of Muslims to the Al Qaeda leader. In keeping with his own claims that his view was the only view possible for a Muslim, Bin Laden had a great number of followers in the Islamic world. The truth is that the approval of Bin Laden has been dropping probably as a result of the lack of substantial attacks against the ‘Great Satan”. This reflected itself still as about one-quarter of Jordanian and Indonesia Muslims expressing confidence in Bin Laden and down though from 56% and 59% sometime earlier. 18 per cent of Muslims in Pakistan, supported him, down from 46% in 2003.Nevertheless, these are astonishing figures about a murderer. That a quarter of the population in Jordan and Indonesia and 18 percent of Pakistani held him in high esteem in shocking.

Now, these tendencies are reflected in the reaction. The typical modus in Arab society is to voice one opinion in English and other in Arabic. For example: Thanks to the Investigative Project for Terrorism, a respected Washington think-tank, we know that:

“Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh denounced the “assassination of the Al Qeda [sic] spiritual leader Sheikh Osama Bin Laden,” using honorific terms for a story on the group’s English-language website, qassam.ps.The Muslim Brotherhood issued contradictory statements, with a somewhat conciliatory note in English and a condemnation of the strike in Arabic.”With Bin Laden’s death, one of the reasons for which violence has been practised in the world has been removed,” Essam al-Erian, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s governing body, told Reuters. “It is time for Obama to pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq and end the occupation of U.S. and Western forces around the world that have for so long harmed Muslim countries,” he said. Al-Erian’s statement to Reuters matched other language found in an article on the group’s English-language site, stating that the MB wanted to “clarify that Al Qaeda did not reflect the teachings of Islam adding that in fact Islam denounces violence and terrorism that is promoted by Al-Qaeda.” In Arabic, an official statement by the group used the honorary term of Sheikh with Osama bin Laden, and called him the Arabic term for a martyr, Shaheed. The statement also aggressively attacked the assassination and blamed the West for a media campaign against Islam.

“Today, the U.S. president has announced that a special task force of U.S. Marines has succeeded in the assassination of Sheikh Osama bin Laden, one women, and his children, as well as a number of his companions. [With this], We find ourselves in a new situation. The Muslim Brotherhood announces it is against the use of violence in general, and against the method of assassinations, and they are with fair trial of any accused of any crime whatsoever,” the MB said in its Arabic-language statement.

This last statement is also typical. We call it the cycle of violence argument designed to hide the Radical agenda. We are as bad as they are according to them. “The Muslim Brotherhood calls for the world (in general) and the Western world, as peoples and governments (in particular) to stop linking Islam with terrorism, and correct this erroneous image in a deliberate way, which has already been promoted for a number of years. And the Muslim Brotherhood confirms the legitimate resistance against foreign occupation for any country, as a legitimate right guaranteed by divine laws and international pacts. It is shuffling papers [using semantics to distinguish] between the legitimate resistance and violence against innocent, as is the intention of the Zionist enemy in particular.”

This is actually echoed by loons in the US, like the Political Research Associates, a so-called think-tank, headed by a drop out former truck driver and supporter of Enver Hoxha’s former toxic regime in Albania. These people would also like to see all US citizens be subjugated to Radical Islam by the argument that we have somehow caused Bin Laden. Bin Laden was very clear about what he believed. He wanted supremacy of Islam above all else. Thank God, that this will not be happening any time soon due to our brave special forces, and the meticulous relentlessness of our intelligence community.

With Thanks to Steven Emerson and his IPT for continuing to expose the duplicity in Radical Islam.


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