My New New Thing

With the new year rapidly approaching, it’s probably about time I wrote this down.

As of January 2012, acidlabs will change its shape considerably.

More than anything, this site will go back to being my personal site — a place where I write down my thoughts and musings on any number of things from politics to collaboration, big ideas, open government, improving the way business functions in a 21st Century world where Industrial Age business models have pretty much proved beyond doubt that they’re broken.

I won’t be running acidlabs, the business, as a consultancy and my source of income any more.

Dotacidlabs will continue to exist, but will become something that’s focussed on being an innovation and action collaborative around big ideas and change for a better world, kind of like my friends Eric and Hallie do at shark&minnow in Cleveland. The two core things acidlabs will do in that respect will be to continue to support both TEDxCanberra as a principal activity and BarCamp Canberra as a secondary one.

So, all this begs the question, “What will you be doing?”

As of January 9th 2012, I will be joining the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute to work with them and their research community on collaboration, knowledge sharing and change. It feels like a great opportunity to extend the kind work I’ve been doing with the Asia Pacific Civil-Military Centre of Excellence the past 15 months into new and exciting territory. I’ll miss the Centre and the amazing people that work there, but I plan to meet and work with a crowd of new and amazing people at the new new thing.

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