NAGC Communications School: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Posted by NAGC President Glen Thomas

NAGC recently wrapped up its annual Communications School in
Arlington, VA. The Communications School is NAGC’s cornerstone event, and this
one did not disappoint with a variety of entertaining, informative and
interactive speakers and topics.

As I stated in my opening remarks to the group, our industry
is one that is very accustomed to a “change of plans.” The analogy I used was
my youngest son Colin’s response to his mother’s plan for dinner: “I DON’T LIKE
TUNA AND I DON’T LIKE HELPER!” Change of plans. The sequester served many of us
our own plate of both Tuna and Helper and it definitely affected the ability of
many NAGC members to attend and participate in the conference. It definitely
caused a change of plans on the NAGC side, as we scrambled to reorganize some
of our sessions and other details. Many thanks to all of the board members,
committee members, and NAGC staff who made it happen.
This did not, however, do anything to dampen the enthusiasm
of 100+ attendees, and the lineup of speakers and topics was one of the
strongest in recent memory.
So, what now?
Communications School
Well, we’re already looking at next year’s Communications
School. It seems that travel restrictions may continue, so it’s most likely
that we’ll be back in the DC area for the 2014 event. However, if there’s
enough interest in another location, like my hometown of Memphis (hint, hint),
it’s still possible we’ll seek an alternative location.
We’re going to continue with monthly webinars on a variety
of topics, something that should provide continual professional development
opportunities for our members. We’ll be announcing a schedule as soon as we’ve
lined up our topics, dates and times.
MVP Mentoring Program
We’re going to relaunch our Member Value Program (MVP). You
can find out more at
I’d like to hear from those who were and weren’t able to
attend this year. What are your prospects for traveling and/or attending
conferences for next year? If you attended, what were some of the things you
took away from the conference that will help you at your organization?
If you were an attendee this year, please complete our survey:

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