NAGW Social Media Webinar

I just finished my first webinar…. EVER.

The topic was “Getting Your Agency’s Message Out: More Social Media Channels with Less Effort”.

I’ve done a lot of presentations and feel pretty comfortable in front of a crowd as long as I know my ‘stuff’. But this was a whole different experience. No feedback from your listeners makes it incredibly harder to present. The visual and vocal give-and-take of social interaction provide directional cues for the presenter, something totally missing from a webinar. I hadn’t thought about that in advance. I wonder if it’s something you get used to as a presenter? And, clearly, there are messages to be derived from this experience about social media, which is also missing the visual and vocal cues….

The feedback seems to be good, though, so if you’re eligible for NAGW membership, join now and you’ll be able to listen to all our webinars at NAGW.org.

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Susan Wolak

You did a wonderful job. I love learning how others are approaching social media in their agencies and what tools they found to make it work more smoothly. Thank you for presenting this information.


I agree. It’s a different experience to give a webinar. As hard to tell if people paying attention. I’ve done a few and I just try to tune it out.

Some good examples though are webinars that have chat features so you can see people commenting as it occurs.

Adriel Hampton

Carol, I’m doing broad social media presentations both in the workshop format and the general session at the NAGW National Conference. Is there anything specific you learned from the feedback that I should incorporate into my presentations?

Carol A. Spencer

Adriel, don’t have the feedback yet. Chad also did one on social media. I’ll get with him and send you anything that might help with your boot camp, etc.

We turned the chat feature off on Adobe Connect so presenters can’t see all the banter. Because so many of us have known each other for years, it gets to be like old home week and the commenting can get distracting for the presenter. I’ll have to see if we can save the chat, though. Would be good to review the commentary afterward.