NASCIO higlights state CIO priorities in annual survey

Deltek Principal Analyst Jason Sajko reports.

Yesterday, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) published its state CIO priorities and priority technologies for 2012 report based on its annual state CIO survey. The survey is a valued peek into the minds and wish lists of state IT executives; and when compared against past priorities, we can see that leveraging the enterprise remains atop state CIO to-do lists.

— Not ranked as top 10 IT priority
* New IT priority
Source: INPUT and NASCIO
The top three state CIO priorities are relatively consistent to last year’s, with health care getting bumped to number four by the surging governance priority, which lands in third. Budget and cost control takes the number two spot, and consolidation and optimization tops the chart. The top three priorities show that CIOs still often fight an uphill battle when trying to influence change across the entire state IT enterprise. Additionally, they reflect state budget shortfalls that have demanded a return to fundamentals in times of financial challenge. The “KISS” strategy is in full effect, as the top three could easily be rephrased as eliminate redundancy, lower costs, and make sure everyone turns the lights off when they leave the room.
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