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NASCIO Releases Guidance on the IT Implications of the Health Benefit Exchanges

The NASCIO Healthcare Working Group has released a publication, On the Fence: IT Implications of the Health Benefit Exchanges. The publication is now available for download at www.nascio.org/publications.

Now more than ever, state government relies on state CIOs to provide dependable information technology business solutions, serve citizens and enable the delivery of agency services. Health Benefit Exchanges are examples of the complex technology issues for which state CIOs provide leadership and guidance. While states continue to face unprecedented fiscal challenges, federal funding has incentivized states to move forward on building an online insurance market for constituents. The federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provided $2.8 billion in initial funding to states to build benefit exchanges, expand Medicaid eligibility and continue prevention efforts. States will receive billions more during 2011 and beyond; however, along with that funding comes the expectation for significant systems development in compliance with federal mandates and within fairly rapid timelines.

NASCIO’s publication, On the Fence: IT Implications of the Health Benefit Exchanges, describes the unique opportunity for states to either develop and run their own exchanges or default to the federal government to establish and operate the exchanges.

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