National Health IT Week kicks off

Deltek Analyst Stephen Moss reports.

Good Monday morning and welcome to Deltek’s blog series in honor of National Health Information Technology (HIT) Week. In its sixth year, National Health IT Week gives us an opportunity to both reflect on the intense progress we’ve seen in the state and local health IT market over the last few years and analyze what we expect in the future.

As any casual observer of health care could attest, the advent of sophisticated health IT has enabled improvements and changes that those in the market even ten years ago could not begin to imagine. It is fitting that we should take a week to celebrate and highlight these technologies that have a meaningful impact on the lives of those among us who are most in need. Improved access to care, better outcomes, and a seamlessly efficient and cost-effective delivery of care are only a few benefits of HIT.

We will join the celebration of health IT this week with a series of blogs highlighting progress in the states along with vendor recommendations based on those trends. In the coming days, look for blogs on the following hot health IT topics:

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