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National Homeland Defense Foundation Symposium Attend Virtually

Can’t attend the premier symposium on Homeland Security and Homeland Defense? You can still benefit by using social networking. The Twiter site goes live at 7am (NHDFoundation) where you are encouraged to ask questions of both vendors and speakers (will will hand deliver them and get you answers). We will be running a live Flickr photostream ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/nhdfoundation/ ) so you can see the events. We will be on facebook (Become a fan of the National Homeland Defense Foundation). Watch for short videos and clips posted on facebook of important national leaders in Homeland Defense. Join in on the discussions in the newly formed fourms on the Library site ( http://www.nhdflibrary.org/page.asp ). THis is how you can connect with key leaders in NORTHCOM, NORAD, Homeland Defense, FEMA and Industry. Job Seekers, here is your chance to reach out beyond your local community….JOIN THE CONVERSATION!

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